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Monday, 25 February 2013


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Okay, wow, that's impressive. I never would have thought anyone could look that smart in a pair of sweats to be honest! Kudos to you. I love the quote at the top too - made me giggle! For all that I love dressing up, I can't deny that I get home and change straight into a pair of sweats (but that's more for the sake of my housemates as I wear a lot of dresses and when I'm relaxing on the sofa in the evening sitting in a ladylike fashion can go out the window - sweats are the safer bet...) xxx

Kingdom Of Style

The next two outfits are definately not smart. But I'm like you - straight home and straight into jogging bottoms! x


Yey! So happy you're doing the 3 different ways posts again! Love it! This looks great!


I love the 3 ways posts!

but how can you wear those heels after ankle surgery???

Kingdom Of Style

Mims the shoes I can't wear are ones which touch the wound (that sounds gross!) anything which is open at the front, such as these, are totally fine.


This is a great looking outfit. Sweats aren't part of my wardrobe, but after seeing this gorgeous pair, I may have to make a pair.

Bike Pretty

This is the sort of thing that would have got you accused of witchcraft in 1700s Salem!

I don't understand how you managed to make *sweatpants* look chic.


My favorite one. Oddly sexy- never thought I'd say that about sweatpants!


I swear to god we have the exact same sweatpants

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