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Monday, 11 February 2013


Kingdom Of Style

Every time, I find out you've not seen Star Wars I can hardly believe it!
But to find out Prince B hasn't seen it either.
I don't actually have the words...

Queen Marie


hahaha that made me laugh out loud. i too was ignorant as to what exactly a jedi was (having also not seen star wars. worse still i get it confused with star trek which i presume now is the one with the spok man and all the strange ears) and have thus far in life not admitted my ignorance to others, and not bothered to find out. because of this post i have finally bothered to look it up, and apparently they are 'religious warriors'. i hate this expression but it seems apt: the mind boggles...! nomad thief

Kingdom Of Style

Emma, yes I then went and Googled what a Jedi actually is. I think I was half right about that wee old man though!


yes, he is the jedi boss man (as well as the one in the adverts) right? we are getting quite knowledgeable about it, maybe we should team up and go on mastermind... ;)
bye for now!


great pics nice stuff
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You were definitely right about the wee old man! I like the shoes very much but what I'd really like to get my hands (feet?) on are the socks! They are perfect.

Andrew Demetry

AMAZING SHOES FOR THE SUMMER!!!! cant wait to get me hands on a few of them!


I'm not really a lace-ups girl, or a pastel girl, but the stack soled pair with lilac ribbon laces are just lovely :)

Christina Marie

Oh, my god! So perfect!! I want all of these before summer.

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