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Thursday, 14 February 2013



wow! incredible! the whole - "taking photographs in the style of old masters" thing can be a little disappointing at times, but this perfectly captures the drama, that subdued but seething sense of desire and sorrow, and so much more. Love the John the Baptist one. And the nun, and the pomegranate woman, and the long, long hair...

also the jewellery is perfect.


Incredibly beautifully done. So otherworldly. Jewellery-wise, I adore those wrist cuffs and all of the rings.


Amazing research!
Also, I'm suddenly inspired to powder my eyebrows into nothingness.


This is so aspirational! Thank you for sharing!! xo


Ahhh!!! These pictures are so incredibly gorgeous and inspiring. The jewelry is pretty cool, but the lookbook images just elevate everything.


That red-headed model is divine, I can't seem to look away from her sculpted-marble face...

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