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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


the animal orchestra

These photos are so incredibly beautiful...they make me want to get out my pointe shoes!

Kingdom Of Style

Do it, lady, do it! x


They look like they're the perfect thing for you. What a cool design!

I love these pictures. The ethereal light is just right.


They are gorgeous! Would it be possible to see a pic with your fringe though? So tempted!

Kingdom Of Style

I'll try and take a photo at the weekend for you, with my hair down x


These are zoo tempting!



Jet aka Punk Glam Queen

Thanks for the review! I was curious to hear how these worked. My main consideration is that I have a kid-sized head (I have to buy hats in the kids department or make them) so the in-ear buds are usually what I have to go with. As you know, if you have those in for awhile, they hurt your ears! I wonder if these would adjust small enough for my bean head? I'll have to check them out! BTW, the photos are so beautiful, as are you! XXX


this review was so enticing that I've been looking to try a set of these and see what they are like. Intrigued if one can change the band later (with a bit of sewing etc).

By the way, one of your photos from this post is on an site selling these headphones. They might have asked for your permission but just in case you wanted to know. (beautiful photo of course!) (over halfway down the page)

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