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Tuesday, 29 January 2013


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A pleasing black and white graphic explosion to my face, LOVE IT! and your braided hair? Brill! not to mention those killer Barfly's.


Loving the mix of patterns here! The Topshop leggings are amazing!

Claire Fea

love your shoes xx

Performance and Cocktails

Love the clashing patterns. I've been pursuing a pair of the wedges, but the colours I like are never in my size :-(

I'm posting today about some bootsvthat I think are right up your alley


Also, the panel of black that goes from the skirt to the leggings, almost perfectly the same width at the transition at the knee--love it!!

Kingdom Of Style

Thought you might appreciate the chaos of this outfit Kazz x

Kingdom Of Style

I love Camilla's work. She has the best soles on shoes ever. They are like snow shoes or something. Lovely choice x


How are they to walk in??

Kingdom Of Style

If you weren't used to the double or triple sole, you might find it tricky at first. But I'm used to a 4" flatform so I find it really easy.


Parfait. Love the braid.

Kingdom Of Style

Hmmm "parfait" that's a word I don't use even nearly enough in life.


Coming soon -- white creepers? Fluevog's white Petreas are on sale. I also struggle with this white shoe conundrum!

Those barflys are amazing!

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