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Wednesday, 30 January 2013



Love your makeup in day 3 - the pinky red under your eyes is so pretty x


Hi there,
This was great! Love the concept of 1 item, 3 look. Please try again if it fits your mood!
Outfit number one is stunning and just obvious, outfit number 2 challenged my eye and intruiged me, this makes me wanna try huge black and white patterns. Outfit number 3... is not entirely my cup of tea. That's what I enjoy, bending ans stretching my view!

Sorry for my slightly improvised english!

Have a great day!


Loving the mix of colour, fabric, texture and your fringe, I must try that

3 amazing outfits!

Sleekit x

Tsui Chung

Haha love the reference to Amy, looking very pretty!
Fashion Ganache.


Very unexpected, but still fantastic. I wonder if this outfit is your favourite of the three as you look so happy wearing it! :-)

Kingdom Of Style

Susan, yes it is my favourite of the three! I wear this outfit a lot, but previously with my other creepers.

karl leuterio



you look gorgeous and i love every outfit (and i am sooo envious of your creepers). for a second i thought you cut your fringe to a micro fringe - the more i look at your pictures the more i think it would suit you well (i also have a micro fringe, but my hair is stubborn and i always have to fight a little fight in the morning in order to make it look accurate).


Love this KoS meets Etro look!

The creepers' mega soles pair perfectly with the plaid skirt. And can't go wrong with paisley.

Kingdom Of Style

Paisley is always right.


Love this series. The second day is perfection. Maybe you can do another series with another item of clothing?

Also, very impressed with your ability to wear flatforms without breaking ankles. I have two pairs that I adore but am always falling over because I can't feel the bumpiness of the ground.

Christina Ooi

Lovely as usual. I'm loving the more sophisticated take on prints!


Queen Michelle, you are such a stylish babe. I can only hope to one day dress half as awesomely as you do.

Kingdom Of Style

Dorothy, going to try and do this kind of thing again as you said, with another item.
It does take a bit of getting used to, not being able to feel the ground under your feet!

Kingdom Of Style

The Queen smiles in almost every post!


LOVE! You dress so effortlessly, I think you're an artist the way you put these pieces together. I loved this series, hope you do another one.

I just spied you and your ankle in the hospital over on Instagram, yikes! Hope everything goes well and you're back on your tippy toes in no time.

Kingdom Of Style

Thanks Kazz. Surgery went well overall. Feeling a bit yucky post anaesthetic and have a very large ankle but all good x


Sorry to read you were in the hospital but you do look marvellous. Outfit no. three is my favourite too, but day two is a close second, with day one being a great look but just less outside the box (though, you know, that's still more the fashion editorial box than walking down the high street box, just goes to show the level of expectations around here). I personally was delighted with the sudden surge of outfit posts, if I happened to be a designer I'd send you items just in order to see more of your clothing compilations.

Kingdom Of Style

Aw thank you Jessie, glad you liked the wee outfit trilogy. It's been fun hearing people's favourite of the three. This is my favourite too and the one I wear often xx


Woah! That paisley quilted thingy is MENTAL! Really like what you do with it though. Hope your ankle is feeling better v soon. x

Erin Alexandra Klym

Look 1 is my personal fave, but Look 3 is also totally darling, and so are you in it! Your smile in Photo 1 makes me smile ;) Feel better soon

Love number 3! Gorgeous. Number 1's cool too. No 2 - not sooo sure, but I like the nod to Mod monochrome. More you-style posts please! I'm not fussed on a lot of the 'outfit of the day' posts out there (too much ego, too little style in most cases, if you ask me) but you have that something - v cool the way you throw things together and I love that you show femininity but always with a twist - nothing worse than outfits that are all pretty-pretty.

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