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Monday, 28 January 2013



ahhhh! love.

I used to have a pair of buffalos like this 'back in the day', with 6" platforms. ah, happy days.


I really love this look. Hurray for hover shoes! The jacket and headpiece are superb, too.


They do seem made for you!
How ever, I just love it how you make it look totally easy and do-able to wear a head-piece.
It doesn't even stand out. It looks great and evident, like it always was there! Bravo!

Kingdom Of Style

EXACTLY what I thought.
Welcome back Hover Feet.
Well done Underground, you have made Queen Michelle and her feet very very happy indeed!!!

QUeen Marie

Kingdom Of Style

It's good to be hovering again! - Q Michelle


I love those shoes!
I have to say, I love that I come over to your blog and NOTHING you wear is even close to my style, but you still always look absolutely fabulous. It's just nice to see something so different than what I see people wearing day to day.


I used to LOVE my various pairs of Swear shoes, and now I love my Underground shoes too- a girl after my own heart! x


Yep, those are pretty high! The whole outfit is excellent.


I really should pick this up for myself to be styled and for skin care


You look 8 feet tall!
3 outfit posts in 3 days is such a treat.

Kingdom Of Style

Going to try and do more of these kind of trilogy kind of posts. They are fun, but time consuming


I adore the headpiece, it really makes the outfit in my opinion x


I agree on the headpiece, it really makes a difference in a very cool and effortless way. The 3rd pic is so gourgeous I want to frame it!:) Cheap Monday's jeans always look so good and the affordable price is really tempting, but the crappy zippers are so dissaponting, so I have given up on the jeans of this brand...

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