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Monday, 21 January 2013



Love the 'Space In Your Head' concept. Some of mine is currently filling up with ideas running along vaguely similar lines to yours... creating a 'below the knee skirt / bare legged in winter with ankle socks + boots' new look. Loving the idea of mid calf length tartan skirts, might try to find one for myself - so thank you for the idea! Also like that you have are not 20 years old (I was born '74 and just started my blog last year) but (and?!) have great style. Following you now, oh yeah :)


Currently, I'm in the process of moving house so the space in my head is full of mid century furniture, pretzel cane chairs, graphics, more graphics and the picture box theme tune?...

I like your tartan skirt, the colour is amazing

Sleekit x


Mine is all white shoes and navy hair at the moment... I do love your socks (ASOS, yes?) but I'm afraid that the skirt is doing nothing for me! x

Kingdom Of Style

If I owned my own home I reckon my head space would be filled with such things too x

Kingdom Of Style

Oh I shall check out your blog, as it's lovely seeing other bloggers who are a bit older than the average blog age x


-These shoes:
and these, too:

-I want to take a trip to a friend who lives on the other side of the country, so that's a persistent sort of daydream.

-And also...really nice office supplies. Such as fountain pens, nice gel rollarball pens, nice notepads/books...
it's an odd little obsession, to be sure.

I love your jacket!


a fantasy trip to japan and snuggly cashmere knits

Kingdom Of Style

Nice boots!


Nice one! You updated/upgraded the tartan treatment very well, Michelle.

Kingdom Of Style

Thank you. I was slightly worried I still looked a bit Bay City Rollers.


Only you could pull off a tartan midi skirt. You look fab! In my head space at the moment? Alessi home wares,Keith Haring prints and paint! Am attempting to inject some life into my flat. After moving in 6 years ago, about time I did something with it!


Excellent outfit, love the t-shirt and is that the crystal necklace you mentioned ordering on etsy?

I'm currently dreaming of stomping through the ice and snow in my new (and nicely discounted) Ash titan boots ...... if they ever arrive!! According to the delivery company website they have tried to deliver them twice already and have left cards to let me know about missing the delivery, which is utter codswallop because I've been home both times and would have heard them and they haven't left cards. Yodel = worst delivery company ever.

Also dreaming about seeing my boyfriend, who I haven't seen him in person for over 6 months as he's been working away and hes hopefully coming down to see me this week. Although hes currently snowed in, in Perth (Scotland not Australia... obviously)so not sure when he'll get here.

Think I need to fill my head space with some less frustrating day dreams :/

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah it is! I got two and this is one of them.
Oh the Ash boots are HEAVEN! Great to stomp around in.
I totally agree about Yodal. I've had dealings with them before and they are the WORST courier company I've ever had to endure. Hopefully the boots will arrive soon though.
Poor BF stuck in the snow! Well, I hope he makes it to you very soon x


Goodness, you weren't able to find tartan skirts in thrift stores? In the US each vintage shop has dozens of them!

This outfit is way cute, there's nothing better than an old metal tee.


Well from what I can see of that one it looks really nice. I'm still looking for my perfect crystal necklace so was interested to see how the ones you bought turned out.

Boots turned up today!!! so happy, they are every bit as amazing as I was hoping and soooo comfortable, if I was still a child I think I'd be tempted to sleep in them!

Heather Fonseca

Interestingly, the space in my head (love that concept!) is currently filled with plaid skirts as well. i still havent found mine. but im not giving up yet! Im also fantasizing about being able to draw as well as Garance Dore. So far I'm just not there. Sigh.

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