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Wednesday, 16 January 2013



These headsets are gorgeous and functional but I really think the new Sony's are the most functional and because of that, they look the best!

-Lauren at adorn la femme


(GASP!!!) I MUST HAVE THESE!! I would never have to worry about my headphones being lost at the bottom of my bag again, because I would always always have these on my head, regardless of if I was listening to music or not!

Kingdom Of Style

Louise, they have arrived now and I cannot wait to show you them next week. The ones I chose are exacttly like that - you don't even want to take them off when the music stops!



I'm really looking forward to that review, I haven't ever seen any prettier. Even the hardware and wire looks good. Hopefully the sound can compare!


About the only place I could find these in Canada was at Experience Headphones. So glad I did, I love them!

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