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Monday, 14 January 2013



Harris tweed! that sounds like forever ago..., and yet they look just soo now and cool, as do yourself and Prince B by the way.
Have a great day!

Performance and Cocktails

I like those a lot! I did a post a few weeks ago on tweed shoes...

I posted about the Jaggy Nettle hightop, but I was holding off on budget grounds, and by the time I got past it they were sold out in my size. (Their website is a bit annoying because they show you all the sizes and only show you SOLD OUT when you select the size to put it in your cart.) I liked them better than the Clarks collab because the Clarks ones just didn't have enough tweed on the shoe. What's the point of that when all you can see is black suede?

I ended up with a pair of Converse, but I like the wedge on these. When these go up for sale I think I will have to buy. Do they run true to size?


You two look so cute! And Queen Michelle, the rest of your outfit looks so cozy, that I get shivery looking at your bare wrists and ankles.


hahaha love this post and you guys mismatch so well!

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