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Tuesday, 08 January 2013



your make up looks really pretty in these pictures :-)


Now that is just great!


Absolutely beautiful! I love the drama of this outfit and especially the necklaces and hooded vest.

Do you mind me asking what lipstick you're wearing? It's perfect with this, gives it an unexpected lift of colour.

(Happy New Year, too!)


You look great but surely those heels are impossible? Non?

Kingdom Of Style

Susan, I'm wearing a bright pink YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick but I've mixed it with foundation to pale it down x

Kingdom Of Style

I find them quite easy to walk in, but I've been high heels since I was 12, so I'm a pro!


Thanks, Michelle. I've never tried YSL lipsticks before. Will take a look. I currently really love the Tom Ford Lip & Cheek Stain but it's not such a vivid pink as that.


Chicest hobo I ever saw! The necklaces and that AMAZING jacket tie everything in beautifully.


happy new year - you look as awesome as ever :)


Loving the new Sophia James stuff, the sequin blazer is to die for! You look amazing layered up to the max.


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