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Tuesday, 11 December 2012



I am so jealous of that draped jacket!
I will try something layered today.
Have a great day


Funnily enough, I was just thinking how much I liked the gleam of the studs on the Ash boots, glimpsed beneath the sheerness of the skirt. I love slightly hidden, unexpected aspects of outfits, weird person that I am! :-)


Amazing pics !
Check out my new post:

Performance and Cocktails

What I really like about this is the setting - the damp and moss on the wall, the leaves in the gutter. It actually makes me feel like Christmas! Since I grew up in Britain, the signals that get me ready for Christmas are cold, rain, squeezing in shopping after work but before closing, reflections of car lights and streetlamps on wet pavements, the feeling of going from the cold evening into a warm and slightly steamy shop... now here it's in the teens and the shops are in the mall, you don't see the pavement and when you do it's dry. I don't feel like Christmas!!

It also reminds me of Rick Owens talking about his assistant in Paris. He was designing long skirts, that dragged on the ground/ She would wear them in the Paris streets, and the hems would drag and get dirty, and then they would drag in the gutter and be washed clean. He was frustrated with clients complaining about the dragging of the hems; the fact that it didn't matter to her made him say "That's why she is my assistant". Personally, having seen the streets and gutters of Paris, I think this story is full of shit, as were the streets. The stuff you'd get on your hems would definitely not be washing off in the gutter. Not even if you went and stood ankle-deep in the Seine.

Kingdom Of Style

Well, funny you should mention the setting. This wall, which is under a bridge, is amazing because of the moss. It changes colour all the time. When it's been very dry and sunny the wall is yellow, almost gold, but when it's wet it changes to a dark green. It's very beautiful, whioch si why I take so many photos there.


Amazing Pics .... specially the picture along wall and leaves..


Love both, wish I had bought that skirt when it was on ASOS!


I don't even understand how people in cold, or even chilly, climates survive. I'm in Los Angeles, where I feel the need to throw on a coat once it gets below 70F/21F. This is a chilly, 'wet' winter, and it's rained only about four times, and the average temperature is...65F/18C. The mind boggles that you can wear sheer. In Scotland. In December. D:
I'm actually shivering in sympathy, right now.

Anyway, I don't think I can ever be sick of sheer! It, ruffles, leather/PU, band shirts, and lots of black and/or ridiculous patterns (that clash! I'm incapable of minimalism) make up much of my wardrobe. Oh--And so do shoes that inspire double takes. Hooray for silver leather beat boots with cuban heeled soles!

This is why I kind of adore your style posts. It is so, so rare to find *consistently updated* blogs with an aesthetic like this, that's so similar to what I like to wear. (out of curiosity, have you ever heard of Johnny Thunders/the New York Dolls? I get a lot of inspiration from him/them).


Sheer skirt and beanie are the perfect pair~ so whimsical and fun and uber stylish!!!!

-Lauren at adorn la femme

Kingdom Of Style

Us Scots are just so used to the cold, as it's cold pretty much 80% of the time. I actually can't stand it when it's really hot, not that that happens often!
I hear you about the silver leather beat boots with cuban heeled soles - such a good look. And being inspired by the amazing New York Dolls is wonderful! Johnny Thunders had a superb glam/punk hybrid look that translates well even now.

Kingdom Of Style

I'm glad i snapped it up when I saw it as it's ended up being so useful. Whenever I am stuck about to wear, I dig out this or my Simon Preen sheer dress x


The only times I manage to be vaguely monotone in my outfits, I'm copying Thunders' late 70s/early 80s "Italian gangster from the '30s with a Bob Dylan/heroin addict twist" look.

Since I think you have both styles(?), how do the sizing of Winklepickers and Creepers compare in Underground England shoes? Are they the same/similar, or are the winklepickers a bit smaller? (and are the creepers good for walking 1-4 miles a day? I hate trainers with a passion,don't drive, and tend to like dressing up even just to get milk at 10pm, so...nice looking walking shoes are important!)

Kingdom Of Style

I find both fit the same. I highly recommend creepers for walking long distances. I can easily cover several miles a day wearing them, and never have to resort to trainers for the trek to work.

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