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Wednesday, 19 December 2012



Oh god, I think I love everything on this page.
Especially the pants.
(do you have the pants? if so, are they real or faux leather? I need some real leather pants, haha.)

And the sheer shirts are glorious. I love sheer black shirts, but I'm ridiculously picky about their cut and their buttons. :l.

Looking forward to seeing you style some of these pieces. :)

Bree Louise Taylor

Guys I just have to say... finding your blog has TOTALLY rocked my world. So interesting. and I'm a real stickler for things that are interesting and unusual and everytime I visit your blog I get a serious dose of fascinating. So thank you.. from humble Down Under, Melbourne, AU. xx

Bree Louise Taylor

just fab. I agree... love all of it. And Love you both MIchelle and Marie for bringing this fabulousness into my life from all the way over the other side of the world. LEGENDS. Could not love your work more. Brava bellas brava. love from Melbourne, AU.

Kingdom Of Style

I don't have these leggings, but I know they are just spandex fabric, not leather x

Pynk Nylon

Great post! In terms of style you post great stuff and we are looking forward to see more from your blog!

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