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Tuesday, 04 December 2012



I've only seen the first trilogy once and I am afraid to watch it again. I felt so depressed when it ended. Why did those fuckers leave me behind? It seriously took me two days to recover from the fact that I was stuck on a planet that was populated by orcs and being abused by the global capitalist system (yeah, I became a little dramatic) when my natural habitat was OBVIOUSLY Middle Earth.

Jet aka Punk Glam Queen

I can wait for this... forever. It will never match the excitement of the book. Besides, I fell asleep during one of the "Rings" movies, and knitted an entire sweater and hat during another (in the theater no less!) THe only thing that perks me up is battle scenes. Oh no have I become an action junkie? (I'm already a speed junkie, I have a definite need for speed -- you do NOT want to drive with me on the open road...) Anyway, I WANT that crown that Kate is wearing. No idea where I'd wear it, but I WANT. The jewelry is stunning too, love the rings with the chain between them! XXX

Emily B

Handcarved, whimsical jewelry is my new guilty pleasure. Just bought one like this yesterday- can't wait to wear it!

Morgan Erina

Thank you so much for sharing that jewelry! Those are amazing pieces!


Jewelry from the first century is so attractive in a dark ancient moody kind of way! Love it for a change!!

-Lauren at adorn la femme

Performance and Cocktails

Kicking the arse out of it is exactly my thought too.


I totally associate the DVD's with Christmas. We tend to open our parcels just after midnight on Christmas eve and it's often been to a background of the extended versions :D

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