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Monday, 17 December 2012



I'd love to say that I was hanging out in clubs in '92 but the reality is that I was dressed up as Ursula for my Halloween themed 7th birthday party x

Kingdom Of Style

In '92 I was going to Glastonbury, seeing copious amounts of bands in grubby venues and skateboarding! - Queen Michelle


In 1992, I was 15 and liked to spend my free time reading Big Books and contemplating creative methods of suicide. I also saw Nirvana in 1992, but I think that was the only cool "I was there" thing I did. It was a good one though.

Have you seen the movie YOUNG ADULT? I highly recommend it.

Ditsy print

I was careering around London's nightlife trying to act like a grown up! Now I am grown up, and glad I did that!


I reckon I may just have been dancin to this tune at The Sub in 92, one of my favorite dance tracks of all time

Sleekit x


Is the nun/cross shirt available still? I love it, but I don't see it on the site!

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