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Monday, 10 December 2012



Awww this dress is soooo cute. I like it (even if too tight).


You look way cute! I just see a beautiful girl is a beautiful vintage frock...

Sleekit x


Forgot to mention your hair in that second pic, WOW, inspired.


Kingdom Of Style

I still can't believe I cut it all off! *palmface*


Where in the world did you get giant feathery headdress thing? I want one! D:

Kingdom Of Style

I actually got it in the same place I got the dress. It's the most fun thing I own I think!


Yeah, I huess somethings are just really perfect at a very short period of time. You'll find another cute one!


But you don't look any different. The dress must have shrunk. THE DRESS SHRUNK.

Kingdom Of Style

Annemarie, I'm gonna go with the Shrinking Dress theory and not the Expanding Michelle one.


your hair is amazing! and the outfit is splendid!

Kingdom Of Style

I'll go with the Annemarie theory too!
The dress must have shrunk.
I know I've said it before but I can't see any change in you at all...

Queen Marie


gorgeous outfit! I love that dress so much! I have my eye on a cute white lacey dress atm, ive wanted one for ages! :D

Hayley xx

Kingdom Of Style

Hayley, in my opinion you can never have enough white lace dresses

Lovely Sara

But you still look so slim, don't you think the dress just shrunk? You look so beautiful and have the perfect shape.
The dress is so cute on all the pictures, but I love how you combine it with the dotted tights. xx, Sara

Kingdom Of Style

Sadly, Lovely Sara, the dress has never been washed so cannot have shrunk. Ah well.

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