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Tuesday, 04 December 2012



You look gorgeous.
Also,'almost 40?' - I'll have what you're having!

Kingdom Of Style

I'll send some in a bottle. Hope you don't mind blood of virgins? ;)


Nice photos !
New post up on my blog, check it out :


I'll suck it up.

Kingdom Of Style

Wow - these shots are amazing.
Almost monastic in their simplicity and your skin looks like porcelain!

Queen Marie

Kingdom Of Style

Queen Marie, because my skin is so pale, the camera over-exposes and makes my skin look super clear!


Alright. Probably when you have a blog like this that you post pictures of yourself on, every T, D and H feels entitled to give you their opinion on your appearance. I'd like to say I was different, but I'm not. So, here goes: I think your fringe really suits you like this-- it's much more modern and less severe than the straight-across one you had. It actually seems to lift your whole face. I think you look happier, fresher, sexier, cheekier.... It's awesome. So grow it out by all means, but if you want to cut it again, don't go back to the helmet-fringe-- do this one!

(I'm gonna hit "post" immediately because if I read over this I'll be too ashamed of myself for sounding like an a-hole and I'll delete it....)

Kingdom Of Style

Annemarie, please, PLEASE always write what you want and never fear hitting the 'post' button. Tumbleweed blows through the comment section of this blog now, as you might expect with a blog which is over 6 years old, so it's lovely to get opinions from readers. It makes the blog interesting for us when we get to interact with readers, even it's just talking about my fringe!

Jet aka Punk Glam Queen

Damn woman, you've got the pins to keep wearing short shorts for MANY years to come! (Mini's too!) Heehee my fringe is at the just at the bottom of my ears phase. Of course I want to cut it all off, but trying hard not to -- wrinkled forehead be damned. XXX PS blood of virgins? Sure why not? (;


Great outfits, but just really beautiful pictures in general :-)

G Ferber

You're amazing Michelle. Thanks for the link to the earrings.


You look amazing <3


35 next year bbz, if you got it flaunt it xx

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