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Friday, 21 December 2012



Congrats on doing so well and getting through even though the shaking. It is so inspiring to read about your ballet journey.


Well done, Michelle! And who's to say that you won't get an Honours in future? I bet, when you first started out, you never thought you'd achieve as much as you have now. So don't give up hope!


Go Michelle. High commended is brilliant. In my day that was the highest, I don't remember there being honours.
I really need to get my ballet back on.


p.s. next time, remember. Just dance.


Dear Michelle, thank you so much for sharing your adventures in ballet with all of us. Love, v.

Kingdom Of Style

Congratulations Queenie.
Honours next time for sure...

Queen Marie


Great achievement!!! Up, up, up! You just get better! Congrats!


Congratulations on your wonderful achievement!

Performance and Cocktails



Congrats Michelle! Exams are so stressful, and it's extra hard when our bodies just decide to take matters into their own hands...but still you did GREAT!


Congrats on your achievements! i love reading your blog posts about ballet because it really motivates me. I'm doing BATD grade 2 and we spend one full year on it, learning all the steps and whatnot. I'm really surprised that you mastered these grades in only half a year! Very commendable!!

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