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Monday, 05 November 2012



this is amazingly cool. kudos to you, not many people could pull off that length styled in that way but you look awesome. xxx


anyone can pull this off, they just need to be aware of the fact that "flattering" isn't a must. Clothes can be worn to be comfortable, warm and expressive as well. Isn't that what "ugly" fashion like grunge is about? Love it!


I'm so grateful to have lived my formative years in the 90s too. Though I think you have a five-year edge on me (I'm 35), so you probably benefited more by that headstart. Nirvana was my first big stadium concert, but it was when they were post-Nevermind huge.

I really like the stuff in that Chocolate store, but can't for the life of me figure out how to buy the shit. It's not actually an online store is it? Or am I having an attack of Thick?

Needless to say, I love your outfit dollface.

Sarah G

Nirvana are one of my all time fave bands!! It's weird because I have never really dressed to reflect my music taste. I have never really worn band t shirts other than to bed either!

Kingdom Of Style

I remember finding a bootleg of Bleach, before they signed to Subpop, in my record shop. I was living and breathing everything that came out of Seattle at that time. Such a great period for music and a good time to be young.
No, you can't buy from that shop, but ASOS have a little amount of the label. That's where I bought this. Sorry, should have made that clearer x

Kingdom Of Style

I never dressed 'grunge', because it wasn't a thing at the time, but I did dress 'metal'. I dressed metal down to the last detail!


Early 90's was my golden year for music and clothes. I bought an old babydoll nightdress for 50p in my local Oxfam and wore it to death with a plaid shirt over it and my old DM's. I thought i was the shit! I still have a friend now who tells me that I was grunge personified. I miss those days, music was great, had no money so was really experimental with charity shop finds which were always so cheap! I also remember my Richie Manic Street Preachers style leopard coat - a steal at £3! I love your fashion grunge outfit - fantastic!


And now I have negative creep in my head, thanks.
Long live Bleach

Jet aka Punk Glam Queen

You are right, the plaid dress is awesome! The camo and plaid together look fantastic... almost makes me like camo! I have Dan's camo jacket from when he first went into the army, he was so tiny you would never believe this 6 ft hunk 'o man could've fit into this tiny little jacket! Lately I've been checking it out a lot, so maybe that means I'm warming to the idea of wearing it? Play time! Eh if it doesn't work I can always give it to the Punk Glam Princess who's latest thing is dressing like a boy. Well her version of a boy. Yes, bow tie and all. We definitely raised a child with a mind of her own! (Like it could be any other way with parents like us?) XXX


Awww I had tickets for the in utero tour in manchester but Kurt went and shot himself so I never got to see them :( But with my son recently taking up the guitar and deciding Nirvana are his favorite band I pretty much hear them constantly. I have to say it's ruining them a little but 12-14 year old me is secretly really happy. That said I need to highjack his ipod and put something else on there.

I love this look, the plaid and camo are so perfect. I recently bought an oversized plaid shirt from topshop to wear as a dress. I think its supposed to be a nighty but whatever, I'm only 5ft2 so it works for me. I did look at your plaid shirt dress on asos but it would be much to long for me sadly.

Also.. 90's jeans *shudder* just no.

Kingdom Of Style

What wonderful taste your son has! Takes after his mum obviously x


god you pull this off so well! i friggin love it even tho it's not a look i could even attempt <3


Post some old photographs of yourself in genuine 90's attire please??!

Kingdom Of Style

Hollie I don't really have many photos of me in my youth. I have some 80's ones, but in the 90's my boyfriend at the time took all the photos and i didn't get any when we broke up. It's a shame as large chunks of my life are undocumented


Wow, the third picture is awesome, I mean your style is stunning! I am so much nostalgic of that grunge-iness of the 90's compare to plastic fashion of 00's, I would wear those comfy stylish clothes all days and listen to Kurt and other 90's hits!

Olive xox

Kingdom Of Style

You guys always surprise me! I thought no-one would be into this outfit, but I was wrong. Negative Creeps unite!


Yes, the 90's were my favorite time in music too!


Oooh! don't know if you're interested in adding any more plaid dresses to your (probably about to crash through the floor and into whoever or whatever lives below you) wardobe but I just spotted this little beauty at uniqlo I'm loving the waist tie that looks like sleeves. I just ordered the navy one.

pyjamas australia

Wow! Looking sexy! This is my kind of fashion, simple, unique, and most of all vintage. Definitely getting some of your fashion ideas from these pictures. Thanks!


Props for not having that amazing beany perched annoyingly off the back of your head!

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