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Tuesday, 11 September 2012


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These mirrors are so classy and chic..They make me dream of other eras.. Thank you so much for aploading this! It is a great opportunity!!


I love the mirrors!
Check out my new blog:


I am super wary of Achica after buying a vintage Louis Vuitton card case in one of their sales which I am convinced was a fake. They insisted it wasn't and refunded my money. However, I suspect that they don't have the items in their possession when they sell them - they are still with a third party. This will leave them open to problems with their quality control

Kingdom Of Style

Catherine - Glad they refunded you. I know exactly what you mean about fakes, sometimes you just get a feeling in your bones that something is not right. That happened to me years ago with a Hermes Notebook. It was a reputable seller on ebay and they insisted it was genuine but I just knew it wasn't. Harumph.

Queen Marie

I just came on here to say to you aswell to be careful what you buy from them. A month ago they had a Prada handbag sale on, I bought the most amazing bag for £350. They take payment from you straight away, 3 weeks later when my bag still hadn't arrived, I emailed them. They told me that the bag was no longer in stock and basically blamed Prada. So being extremely annoyed, I emailed Prada, who then told me that Achica was not an authorised dealer, and SHOULD NOT be selling their bags!!!! Watch out!! x

Kingdom Of Style

Thanks Louise x
Did you get your bag? I hope so...

Queen Marie

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