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Monday, 30 July 2012


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karl leuterio

everything yo wear works. yer a modern day style alchemist!


This brings back memories! My favourite outfit was a little two-tone monochrome sleeveless mini dress with incredibly pointy black patent courts and topped off with my beloved army surplus Parka (covered in mod band badges).

Like you, though, I loved the way the mod boys dressed best. So beautifully damn sharp!

You definitely suit the look (must admit that I was a bit shocked by the creepers with a mod outfit ;-) ). And don't worry, not so much Pigpen, more long, lean and androgynous. Very stylish.

Sarah G

I know she wasn't a mod, but this look really reminds me of Lol in This is England!

I also think I must be the only person in the world at the moment who doesn't like Creepers. I tried on a pair a while ago, and they made my feet look gigantic! :S

Kingdom Of Style

Creepers are basically the best shoe in the world. That is all.


male mod style is definitely waaay better than the girls' - you pull it off perfectly. and oooh how beautiful is this poloshirt! i think you should keep it.


Michelle you always pull off androgynous looks in a really enviable way! I have seen photos of you in a skinny tie and it is really sexy! I love the Kooples blazer as well and admire them when I see them but they are way too out of my price range. Maybe one day!

Kingdom Of Style

The problem with me and androgyny is that when I do dress masculine I actually look like a boy!


I just have to say this outfit is brilliant, i really love the layering!


You have picked THE perfect settings for these shots, they really suit your outfits :)

Kingdom Of Style

Anneka that's Prince B's handy work. He suggested the run down housing estate which is just behind where we live x


It may not be purist Mod but it looks bloody brilliant. The blazer with the polo shirt - just the right amount of contrast colour on each to match without being matchy. Loves it.

Stella Mayfair

since mr mayfair and i just completely disassembled, repaired, and then reassembled my 1984 80cc vespa e lusso, i am very partial to a good mod look. love the creepers!

Kingdom Of Style

I'd love to zip about in a wee scooter. Maybe one day I'll learn to drive one x

Becky |

I adore The Kooples but it's a pretty pricey store! Would you say their pieces are good value for money? This blazer is my dream!

Kingdom Of Style

Becky their stuff is exceptionally beautifully made. I think if it's a blazer you're after to have for a long time then it's definitely worth the money x

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