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Monday, 11 June 2012


karl leuterio

omg i want a barbie version of u


you look perfect. i always love your outfits, but this one just knocked me out. jaggy nettle need to do a non-printed version, really, it is awesome the way it is.

Kingdom Of Style

sio, we will most likely have nice, plain tees in the shop too. Something for everyone! x


cannot wait for this x

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Love it, you did a great job! A plain version would probably sell really well if you decide to do one.
XXX Love, Suzanne


I freakin love those Balenciaga shoes.

tanya cat

Been looking at your style for some time now and have to say, you really hit the spot for me, Queen Michelle. Beautifully inspiring!!!


I usually wear my tshirts thick and tight. (how nasty that sounds! It wasn't intentional. I promise) but I like your sheer, long slouchy version a lot. Very chic with the vinyl jeans.


i wear the tshirt-jeans combo more times in a week than i would like haha. the length of the zara coat works well with that of the shirt :)

Christina Marie

I love this look! It's very simple, but very chic!


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