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Monday, 27 February 2012



I wore a cream coat with blue flowers on day three of London Fashion Week, because it felt like spring, although must admit am back in the black again today. It is *such* a fab feeling to know the weather is turning and pretty sheer peach skirts are just thething. LLGxx


I'm definitely feeling your peach crush (and the way you styled the cardi with the belt) looks great!


Amazing look! Love the combo of dark blue, pink and grey;)


Completely agree about the maxi skirt - I love having to hitch it up just to negotiate stairs, even though it's a tad impractical. Beautiful outfit, hope to see the interview on here soon!

Estherina's World

Great skirt!

Step into Estherina's World


Skirt Chasers is what you need. I was mooching around on Etsy at the weekend looking for a leather belt when I came across these:-

They would be ideal for maxi skirts...


Your BLUE hair freaks me OUT!! I keep reading about your skirt but my brain goes like HAIR HAIR HAIR look at the HAIR! And did I mention that peach looks great with BLUE hair! And are the shoes from Topshop? The black heels from one of the posts in the "you might also like" section?
Sry to repeat myself but your hair's awesome!!! there's a lot of people with blue hair but I don't know… yours with the bright blue and the dark blue parts is just a bit cooler than other blue hair.

:p moni

Murmures de Penderie

love your skirts with dots :)


love the beautiful skirt!


Kingdom Of Style

Moni, shoes are indeed from Topshop x


Ha! I knew it!

Alexandra Hatmanu

Hi. I wanna say that I really like your hair color. Is it permanent? Congrats on the guts you had to dye it like this. As much as I love how electric colors appear on hair, I don't have the courage to do it. Maybe I will some day :)

Kingdom Of Style

This is wasn't a permanent colour, no. Blues tend to wash out pretty quickly unfortunately.

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