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Wednesday, 01 February 2012



Hullo! I think it's excellent to start something totally new (and at times scary) as an adult. We get hooked into thinking that all your learning should be done as a child – not so! There should always be room for a new passion in life. I love hearing about your adventures in ballet. x


Your posts on your ballet progress are so inspiring, Michelle, and those photos are simply beautiful. Just wondered, though, if you initally had problems achieving a good degree of turnout? I always thought that it must be so much more difficult and for those not starting out at as a child.

Kingdom Of Style

Sue are absolutely right, it is so much harder getting turnout as an adult, and mine is pretty awful. I have good lower turnout, but the upper remains stubbornly straight. Infact, as an adult you must accept you will never have even a fraction of the flexibility as those starting as a child, which can be frustrating as hell


As a teacher, I can tell you this: you will make a great one. Aside from the ability to communicate skills, which is basic to the job, you also have the passion to inspire and the empathy to understand where students are at and how they might feel in that place. Teaching is the most rewarding job there is: it's like playing air guitar for a bunch of people who are cheering you on and pretending that it's a real guitar. I get to be the rock star I never was. I think you will love it. Also, it's a requirement of the profession to be very bossy, and an imperious air is very becoming to queens.

Kingdom Of Style

Wow Annemarie, thank you so much for that! I truly wasn't sure if I have any teaching skills, since I've never done it, but I'm hoping my passion will at least spread to those I teach, and hopefully make them want to do it as much as me. So a huge thank you for that encouragement, very much appreciated x


Thank you for letting us know so much about why you're involved in ballet as an adult. I understand a lot about why you're doing it, as I took up karate as an adult, and have a similar mindset about it. I read your ballet posts with relish.


Queen Michelle, your post has inspired me to write about karate from the same angle. I will tweet you a link to the post when I'm done, so that if you're interested, you can read it.

Our karate gradings come complete with charges. Do you pay for your gradings, too?

Kingdom Of Style

It's funny, karate and ballet are so similar in many ways - the precision of movements, the balancing, the flexibility. My friend is a black belt and has given me so many useful tips about stretching for the splits and so on because so much of the training is the similar. I'd be really interested to read about your karate, as I bet you encounter much of the same emotions as me. Yeah we pay for gradings too.


I think it is fabulous and i love reading about your ballet adventures.


I love your ballet posts. I danced as a teenager (jazz though, not ballet) and I do miss it. I understand the want to take grades, to feel as though you're improving. Ballet is beautiful; yet so strong. I could spend hours looking at photographs of ballet, the contrast of those beautiful shapes, but the obvious strength in the dancers' bodies is amazing.


I love your ballet posts too

I feel the same way about beginning circus classes. I'll never have the same skills as someone who started as a child but that doesn't stop me loving it


I always enjoy your ballet posts and just came across The Ballerina Project on Tumblr, thought you might enjoy it :D


Have you done any other kind of dance before taking up ballet?


Kingdom Of Style

No ballet is the form of dance I've ever done


I've read all your ballet posts and I must say that they are truly inspiration. I recently took up ballet this year too (Feb 2012) and I've started taking 2 classes a week. I plan to do BATD grade 2 exam this year.

After passing grade 8, does that mean you are eligible to teach? Or would you have to do further teacher training after that?


Kingdom Of Style

That's brilliant to hear Jen. I just recently sat my grade 2 BATD exam and am onto grade 3 now. Yeah I'll need to sit other teacher exams after I have all my grades to allow me to teach. The class might not run til grade 8 though, as its exceptionally advanced by then and not many adults will want to, or be able to, take it that far, but I'll see what happens. Good luck with your classes and your exam xx

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