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Tuesday, 31 January 2012



What about if someone was going on holiday somewhere with sun? Like the southern hemisphere, or the Sahara? I was looking for a good Winter coat in New Zealand before moving to London for the snowpocalypse and all I could find was Spring/Summer clothing. RAGE!

Still... that is a lot of sunblock.


Wow, what the heck. I mean when I was looking for a decent swimsuit in December, couldn't find any anywhere. But hey, now I can buy me a shitload /sorry for that, but seriously/ of sun tan lotion. Yippee.

Jess P

Haha I totally agree! :)


This piece is genius! I loved reading it :)

XO, Aline


UVB/UVA rays are present even when it's cloudy or dark outside (during the daytime). It's just less severe compared to the summer season. I still get tans on my arm in January when I drive too much.


like here, they sell winter clothes in summer and its still 35C- 42+C can you even try on a cardigan in that heat.


that's really odd; i would understand if those items were on sale but they're not so i too find it baffling. maybe it's for the people who like to be tan year-round? still doesn't explain the space devoted to the items in question though...


Agree on Easter but unnecessarily harsh on the sun tan lotion. "I'm sure they sell a couple of bottles to simpletons..." - actually, I think it's encouraging that something that more people should be wearing is available. Damn, you're right, I'm so stupid that I'm thinking about buying sunblock in January if (for example) I'm going on holiday to sunnier climes, or I'm going skiing, or I'm emigrating. If only I weren't such a simpleton to be trying to protect my skin.

Sorry to go off on one, but I've had major problems in the past trying to buy sun tan lotion in winter and skin protection is one of my big "things".

Kingdom Of Style

Clare - I was only having a playful rant, I got carried away with my alliteration. I'm with you on skin protection, I wear factor 20 or more every day. Strangely I've found the perfect place to find sun tan lotion in winter is in pound or discount shops!!!!

Queen Marie


I love the upside-down image, what a great statement!

And what a glut of similar products! How about some variety in the preposterousness?

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