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Wednesday, 07 December 2011



Wow, the anticipation is intense... I love the typical man solution of just bashing it on the ground!

Dave C

A clay diamond with a black wax seal is just an insanely great packaging idea! What a wonderful thing to receive in the post! Loved the video too. Are events like that an everyday occurrence in the magical realm of Scotland?


that ring is beautiful

KIRA LILLY fashion blog

DIY Blog

Wow, awesome wrapping idea. Might have to try that this christmas.

Rene Walrus

Ha, ha, I love that packaging concept. The harder you have to work to get something the more you desire it!


wow what a great way to package the rings.
love the simple design :)


That ring wrapping idea is incredible (rings are pretty nice too!). We were going to do a blogpost on wrapping being almost as important as the gift itself and that will definitely be going in there!


Now you have a silver wedding ring that you never have to take off! :)

Lolo Holmes

That is such an amazing packaging idea!
I'm treating myself to a ring as soon as possible!


haha! I actually just sat at my desk laughing! You poor things havign to hit is and hurt your hands and such!

Brilliant idea though - makes you appreciate the end result more! Very lovely rings, I'd love to stack them up! xxx



I have to know, what nail polish is that? its amazing

Kingdom Of Style

Tom, it's a neon orange by Nina Pro

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