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Monday, 31 October 2011



This could easily be my favourite outfit of yours. Perfection.

The cuff is fantastic and the shoes are KILLER! How you walk in them on the cobbled streets of Scotland is beyond me!

Kingdom Of Style

yeah the cobbled streets tend to trash shoes a bit, but these are so easy and comfy to walk in, I just carefully navigate the potholes so as not to wreck the heel!


ahhh love love love as always!

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

You completely freaked me out with the first pic! I'm thinking 'bloody hell we just had over a foot of snow, roads closed, people with no electricity (we're fine thank goddess) and in Glasgow Michelle is just wearing a tee?' Then I looked further down and felt relieved! Love the outfit and the bracelet and shoes are yummy!

Kingdom Of Style

The crazy thing is it was actually really warm! I was utterly dying with that coat on!


That coat is GORGEOUS! Love Artlab's stuff.


Effortless & chic, love it


Ah, love Patricia's coat on you! It's also time for me to dig mine out of storage - winter is here!


Love it, from head to toe even the over sized clutch which looks incredibly stylish but slightly impractical... BW Robert


The choker reminds me of my friends jewelry line which I think you would love!

Their website wont be up until the 11th but here is their facebook which has all the contact info:


what does it feel like wearing the cuff? can you move your arm properly?

Kingdom Of Style

Mat, after a few hours it does begin to rub on your wrist bone a little, but i found opening it up and pushing it further up my arm helped
Julia, I'll check that out x


The cuff is just incredible! Man I'd love an artlab coat.

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