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Monday, 17 October 2011



I completely in awe of professional ballet dancers! Love the discipline, the photography & (of course) this post!

prince b

....and may i say you have a couple of crackin' 'badges'


Love these pictures! So graceful.


Hi Michelle! Dance Glasgow in the West End run adult pointe classes on a Thursday night - I saw on Twitter you're looking for some. x

Kingdom Of Style

OMG seriously?? Must check this out! Thank you so much x

Kingdom Of Style

ah sadly it's at a silly time when most adults, who have jobs, will still be working. Hurrumph.


Ah yeah, it's at 5.30pm. Luckily I work nearby so I can get there in time! It might be worthwhile emailing to ask if they'd consider running a second class as I'm fairly sure others can't make it because of work. Fingers crossed! x

Kingdom Of Style

Do you do the class? What's it like?


I enjoy it! It's quite short (45mins) but since a lot of the people in the class, myself included, are fairly new to pointe that's usually long enough. We start in soft shoes to do a short warm up and try to get all the cracks out of our feet, then once we've got our pointes on we do exercises at the barre. The class is quite new but so far we've done a lot rises and releves in first, second and fifth to practice getting over the box and to work through the foot correctly as well as other steps like piques and bourrées. The only thing we've done in the centre so far is learning how to walk and run correctly, which is oddly hard! There are usually about 8 people there. Some people have done pointe before, but quite a lot of us are fairly new to it.


First of all, I love love love your posts about ballet!
Then, I quite feel your miserability about not managing to fit into old clothes... I started dancing again (not ballet though but contemporary) after having a 3-year break and now, even after a short time, I notice to have gained some muscle on my thighs again. It indeed is such a shame to say goodbye for some pairs f tight jeans but it's also very couraging in a way. I mean, muscular growth means you're doing something right and developing. Muscle power gets you closer to perfection in dancing - that's what I find comforting. Badges of honour, as you said :)
Greetings from Finland!


kind of ballet

Congratulations for this article and photograph service... That inspired me a lot!
Marlena Arinisi from Italy

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