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Tuesday, 20 September 2011



That is one fierce looking dress - love the material combinations. My boobs never fit properly in dresses, it is mildly depressing! Thank you again for the Fashion101 event lastnight, I really enjoyed it. It was so interesting to hear the history of your blog which was the first one I read!

Caz x

dressy pant suits

Honestly, I have never seen a design like this before. Well, I love the way it looks specially the design in the back. Btw, it does not shows that your breast are fighting in this picture. It looks good in you.


what a dress!! loving the mesh!


Is it fitting everywhere else? Because given the design of the dress it would probably be quite easy to alter to give you a bit more room at the bust. A narrow triangle of leather, or black fabric put into the side seams wouldn't be too noticeable. It would interrupt the tweed under the arm, but nobody else would know it wasn't meant to be like that.

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah it seems to fit everywhere else quite well, but the boob area is so tight. But that's a good idea, so I might attempt that x


What a pity - it looks like exactly your thing, and truly not something that would ever show up in Primark! Hopefully you will be able to get it altered.


Definitely get it altered!It absolutely worth a try!
You must consider posting somewhere a tag with your measurements (bust-waist-hips- you know the model kind of thing)!
The dress is beautiful!I hope you find a way to fit in!


Go for it - 1.5" or so each side tapering to the waist would probably do it and it's a great dress, well worth it :)

Miss Priyanca

Very S&M' esk.


The shape of the mesh in the back reminds me of what Stacy Lomman was just need to get one of her pieces! Contact her via and tell her I sent you!

Kingdom Of Style

WendyB it sounds like I need to check out Stacy Lomman. I am familiar with that blog name for some reason. But yes, most certainly going to see what she does x


That dress is stunning. Love the detailing and contrast of fabrics. I bet it's a nightmare to get out of!


Love it. Looks amazing on you =)

Micah xx

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