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Saturday, 18 June 2011


Penny Dreadful Vintage

I love your ballet posts. It makes me feel happy to see someone so excited about something.


doesn't that hurt?? :/ I used to learn ballet when I was about 5 or 6 and would love to learn again but I'm terrified about breaking my toes! haha :)

Queen Michelle

Hana it's sore at first but it soon becomes absolutely fine. It hurts when you take them off though! But it's worth every second.


I love your ballet posts! You are a total inspiration. To think that it's never too late to learn point.

But don't toe shoes seriously damage your feet? At least that's what I used to hear from my friends that were young ballerinas.

Queen Michelle

If your shoes are fitted properly your feet won't get damaged. You get blisters and sore toes from pressure though. If you did start too early en pointe, before your bones had set properly, I suspect you'd damage your feet badly, but properly fitting shoes support your feet and prevent them becoming damaged.
I have actually found it's helped my feet immensely as I was prone to toe and foot cramp and now it's completely gone.


Wow how long did it take before you could en point? Beautiful, I too love your ballet posts


you make me want to start doing ballet again! i did it for 15 years, starting from the age of 4 but quit it 2 years ago when it was taking all my time and energy. btw, i guess your ballet shoes are of the same brand i used to wear, a funny coincidence!
and i must say, i find it incredibly admirable that you followed your dream and started taking classes :) ballet surely requires a lot of determination, long-span dedication and practice - not everyone has those qualities and the persistence.
happy practicing! :)


No way, I love the ballet posts.


My God you're en pointe already! I love photos of pointe shoes so snap and post away!




These images are beautiful; so inspiring! I'm thinking of taking up ballet again - I started at age 2 and stopped at age 7, though I continued other dance classes until age 10. I'm now nearly 26! And I totally think my bones will just crack or something, I'm not the fittest person ever, and I never went en pointe when I was tiny. Also I get major foot cramps when I stand up for long periods or do stuff with my feet. Maybe I'll try it anyway.

Also, I don't think I've ever commented before, but I love your blog, so hi!


I'm not bored of your ballet posts! They're quite beautiful, I really enjoy them.
My parents put me in ballet/tap/jazz when I was very little, but I asked to quit as soon as we were required to do a performance for an audience.
I HATE performing.
Hopefully you're not as opposed to it because it looks like you're doing really well!



Wow, what dedication that must have took.


These are so beautiful, and it makes me really want to dance again. It is almost a physical ache to see pictures like this.

I'm not sure I really ever want to do pointe again, though. Five years was enough.

Not having a classical dancer's shape, or great feet, I feel slightly envious of how beautiful your lines are. It gives me a little thrill to think that you get to have that same drive and thrill and blessing of ballet that I had once. You have half convinced me to try again.

Queen Michelle

Sam, I actually found ballet helped my feet a great deal as I too used to suffer horrendous foot cramp, but I don't any more. You'd also be surprised by what your body can do. I am naturally very flexible with strong legs so I need to do harder things to see any benefit, but even if you are not, an intro to ballet class will really strengthen your body. Oh, and hi!!!
Cad,I will never get to the stage where I will actually perform. Sadly I don't have the benefit of years to work on it to get to that stage. But I am happy to keep practicing to be the best I can. I want to be able to look back and know I finally did something I always wanted to do, and took it as far as I could.
Marie, how envious I am of you! The fact you danced en pointe for so long means you must, even though you don't think it, have looked so beautiful. I never regret my upbringing in a poor family, but I would be a liar if I didn't get tinges of sadness that my parents could never afford to send me to ballet as a child, because I would have made a career from it. You should try again, even just a little to keep your body fit....and I bet you become hooked all over again!
And also, thank you everyone for your support and encouragement. Sometimes I think to myself what's the point (no pun intended) of this? As I know I'll never perform, but then I guess the pointe is I'm doing something everyone generally says I can't, and shouldnd't, do and it's making me happier than anything I've ever done before. Which can only be a good thing, right?


Definitely a good thing! If it's making you happy then you have to do it. I look forward to my ballet classes more and more ever week even though I know people at my work are laughing at me. I get asked 'are you of to ballet tonight, snigger, snigger' I don't care what they think as I'm enjoying it and I know I'm getting better ever week. So thanks for the inspiring posts your helping me believe that I can do it no matter what people say.

Queen Michelle

The people at your work sound like ignorant assholes Sarah. At least when you get older you'll have beautiful, toned limbs and they'll have beer bellies and bingo wings x

Sarah G

You said that you dont have years to work on it. Why not? Check this dude out:

One of my friends who has done ballet since she was very young recently gave up completely, due to the fact that she is too tall to go pro. She was near tears when she told me as obviously it is something she has no control over.

I took ballet, tap and jazz classes from 4 until I got pregnant at 18 and never went back to it. Even though I would actually look like an elephant (4stone heavier now!) reading about how much you are enjoying your classes is so inspiring. Thinking about maybe trying the classes here: as it is just around the corner from my work. So worried about being thrown into a class full of folks that have been doing it for ages. I haven't done any sort of dance for 10years and I am soooooooo inflexible! Don't want to embarrass myself!

Queen Michelle

How terrible for your friend! Could she teach ballet instead? I know it's not the same though. It's a shame she has given up completely. I hope she goes back to it.
I have heard of few people who have gone to those classes but they say that sometimes it's a bit of free for all, with not much room to move. But it is mixed so don't worry about feeling out of place. I'm going to Dance HQ classes over summer, until Scottish ballet starts up again in September.
As for embarassing yourself please NEVER worry about that! My choreography is truly cringe inducing but I don't care! I still enjoy it. We had a girl who was about 15 stone in our class and she gave it everything she had. It was pretty amazing.

Sarah G

I think it was a bit 'all or nothing' for her :(

I have heard it gets quite busy too...that might mean I can blend into the crowd and feel less self conscious! I wouldn't be taking it that seriously...more as an enjoyable alternative to the gym which I cannot stand!

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

I love your ballet posts, your love and dedication come through so clearly! And I knew you'd get en pointe! Brava!


Since your last ballet post I wondered, have you been practicing ballet since a young age or you just started recently? from your way of pointing your toes it seems you've been doing it for years.

queen michelle

I only started recently Cara - I'm a very late starter!

Lady Lixa

ohhh it's so beautiful. I did ballet for 11years and then my teacher stopped the class. I'd love to start up again, are there people of a similar age and ability. it's just so beautiful!x

queen michelle

Lady Lixa, there are people older than me there. I take it really seriously and others are just doing it for fun, but the classes are teaching proper ballet but some people are happy just giving it go, while others are doing it to take it further. It's a good mix.


I'm smiling picturing you dancing en pointe around the house to some nice Metallica! And never say never to performing. Artists show their work, right? Of course, if class itself is your favorite thing and that's your audience, who am I to say otherwise? It's wonderful to see you enjoying yourself so. All best

Queen Michelle

haha Dana you know me too well - I have been known to do ballet to Metallica! I know in my heart I'll never be good enough to perform, but I try and not think about that as I'll get depressed.

Lady Lixa

I might give dance base a wee visit!! why not. thanks for the inspiration!x

Aster Maz

Please don't call them "toe shoes". In the business we call them pointe shoes.


What brand are your point shoes? They are so pretty! I might consider getting them if I like the feel of them.

Kingdom Of Style

These one are Grishko but I don't wear them now. They are very hard Russian pointe shoes. The block is a little small.

Laura A Duvall

This is so inspiring! I took a bit of modern in high school, and had basic jazz training from musical theater. I wasted six years on college then realized that my true passion is performing. Dance, acting, whatever. I'm signed up for four different classes this fall to get me back into the swing of things. It's SO nice to see that I'm not the only one getting a late start! It's never too late to dream! <3

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