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Monday, 13 June 2011


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Online Fashion Boutique

These dresses are gorgeous. I love the floral ones they're so pretty.

Queen Marie

Queenie! You have often called me 'cute'
So ya think I'm ugly but you don't want to hurt my feelings, is that what you're saying. Huh?
Oh bollocks, I'm often called cute. I'd best dig out that paper bag again...



Oh, I LOVE these! The skirt shape and the floral prints are just perfect.

Queen Michelle

No, when people call ME cute ye daftie! I didn't mention you!


How anyone who can pull off a "badass slutty superhero" outfit can ever be considered cute is beyond me... You are beautiful and sexy. And I know you'd find a way to rock these "cute" little outfits and make them your own.


these are really lovely.. but i know what you mean about cuteness... one day it just didn't seem like something i wanted to do... i want to be more womanly, and yet.. dresses like these make me want to revisit the whole thing.


Oh, c'mon, Queen Michelle. That's fishing for complements! You are definitely in the "Pretty to Beautiful" category. Not that there is anything wrong with "cute".

s. donaldson

I love these dresses! The plaid is my favorite! Natasha Kumar's style is amazing!


i wish i wasn't such a sucker for syrupy sweet dresses! your feelings about cuteness are spot-on, although with my actually being 5f2 it's much harder for me to escape that label. but the dresses. swooon!


I LOVE these dresses and I am so happy she has opened a store at Smashing Darling! I completely concur about the *cute thing. (ugh) ...but I suppose there are worse things I could be called. In my head I think I shall convert cute >> happy from now on. cheers!

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