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Thursday, 07 April 2011


Dave C.

Nice work. Will certainly be watching out for this chap's name in the future.

Nicola Cameron

If these were hanging somewhere I'd definitely be a little bit jumpy and on edge...the on with the girl standing in the chimney breast is absolutely stunning.

Rashi Mital

there is something so so mystic about these pictures.
makes me want to stare at them long enough...its almost like watching the faint haunting scenes that come from the realms of my own uninhibited mind.


Love your blog!


these photographs very much remind me of francesca woodman's aesthetic and composition. i would be interested to learn if she was at all an inspiration to mr. kushwah. none the less, they are beautifully eerie.


to me it's just a pure and bad copy of francenca woodman.


These photos are so beautiful and quiet- but still speak so much.
thanks so much for sharing! I loved it!

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