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Tuesday, 26 April 2011


What an adorable little shop!

I could get lost in there....


Oooh, I love the drippy gilt tea cup! Sweet.

Madame G

So cute! Why did I not know about this either?? Will pop in soon x


Thanks for sharing! I'm planning to visit Glasgow very soon, so it's now definitely on my go-to list:)

And ooh, now I'm dreaming of opening up a similar shop myself...maybe together with a cute cafe that serves curiously delicious


This place looks gorgeous, I might have to make a trip one day! I am one of those awful people who lives in the West End therefore tends to forget that the Southside actually exists... :/


How cute! This place looks like to much fun, I would spend a fortune! Especially on that little astronaut case with the cup and bowl. I looooove stuff like that.


how cute, but il like it

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