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Sunday, 30 January 2011


Madame G

Seriously blotted their copy book, haven't they?
Go Team Jannine!

Make Do Style

Well posted, I've got mine ready for tomorrow. The more the merrier.


Penny Dreadful Vintage

I have signed and posted too. These scumbuckets made an enormous mistake picking on one of the most popular girls in the blogosphere.


I've signed the petition too - I hope this issue gets resolved quickly.


Thanks for the link! Someone in the past two years (I think) started using my little blog's name for their own site. It irritates me, but I'm not really sure that I can do anything about it. Since I've been using this since 2007, I know I had it first. durr.

Your words about community are lovely! Yay!


I just don't understand how they think it's a good idea to be so stubborn about this? OK so they claim they never heard of Jennines blog...well, now they have. Time to suck it up, apologize for the oversight, find a fabulous new name, thereby gaining the respect and love of everyone in the blogging community. Instead they've chosen to take the stubborn and elitist road, entirely underestimating the solidarity of the blogging community.

Personally I'm not very interested in their site (gawking at rich peoples closets and how much money they've thanks, I'd rather check out sites that focus on personal style and how the outfits are put together) HOWEVER I'm sure there are a lot of people who WOULD be interested. It's not a bad idea altogether, but to start things off on such a bad note...kind of negates any positive PR they've procured.

Good taste in fashion does not negate bad taste in social graces. Stealing the name of someones site? Definitely bad form.


it is such a poor way, to steal so obviously! shame on them!!! and thumbs up for your article, queens!


you know, I know the girls behind the newer the coveted. And to be honest, I'm fairly new, thanks to Kingdom of style to the old ones. In my opinion, both blogs are super hot, and there's obviously a major misunderstanding. I really hope this gets cleared up. It's a shame when things come to this.


signed and tweeted. this is outrageous and i'm in agreement with angiemontreal.

imobiliarias alegrete

it is such a poor way, to steal so obviously! shame on them!!! and thumbs up for your article, queens!


I signed the petition.

Am still shocked though. The other coveted is based here in Toronto (I nearly fell off of my computer chair when I realised that). I just don't get the whole name thing I mean they obviously put a lot of work into their site and they have money and connections to make it successful so why then did they have to take another site's name? It just seems so pointless.


Done. It doesn't matter if they never heard of Jeanine's blog. They can't use the name because it's hers. Just pick a new name and move on. Geez, what fools. They are wasting money on lawyers when they could be putting it into their blog. How stupid of them!

wholesale tapout

Well, I want you to know that this kingdom of style blog was one of my favorite blog. I knew a lot of fashion blogs but this one was unique for some reasons.. thanks for this blog.


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