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Monday, 17 January 2011



Fab jumper =)

Hannah xx

Jaggy Nettle

Just wanna say a big thank you to Kingdom of Style and all readers for their support to date. From J and E at Jaggy Nettle xx Also to say the Bell Jar jumper will be available on line later today/tonight. cheers


love this outfit and your blog too!

maybe we can follow each other?

Penny Dreadful Vintage

Still a wee bit out of my range. Which is a shame, because I'd love a slag.


AHHHH! I've been drooling over their jumpers forever, so as a college kid that 40% is a godsend. Thanks Jaggy Nettle, you're really cool people too! :)

Fashion Agony

That jumper looks super cute!


Dear Jaggy Nettle,

thank you for the notice about the Bell Jar jumper, I've been looking forward to getting one for ages. And the discount is wonderful!

I think your website may have a few snags (pardon the knitwear pun), I subscribed on the Jaggy Nettle holding page, but got no email to let me know when the site went live. And also got a bounceback from 'customercare@' before Christmas (16 Dec) and today.

I may have totally missed your news if not for Michelle / KoS!

Jaggy Nettle

Dear Rhona. Thank you so much for flagging that up, will get right on it and check it out. Marque looks the business, love it. Putting Bell Jar jumpers on tonight (only 10 of these made, all hand numbered etc). Any problems or if you want to know more about jumpers, give us a shout at


love this.

northwest is best

Yay! It's like a belated Christmas present.

wholesale mixed martial arts

You look so cute. I love the outfit.


Peaches and Cream

That jumper is so cute! You look great.

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