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Monday, 20 December 2010



hahaa i am in love with this one, it is sick, chic & creative!!!!
you really pull it off well. n of course every piece is amazing.

is this a ramones tshirt? =)))


Ahhh it's BEAUTIFUL!


belt!!!!!!!! fab!!!! want!!!!


The leggings and belt are fantastic!

northwest is best

You look brill! I don't need an excuse to wear a party dress. It's always better to be over dressed than under dressed, that's my motto.

Joy D.

The shoes are stellar. They remind me of a bento box. Which collection are they from?


I simply ADORE how you've styled the belt! I've got one of Cyn's creations, too, and it's simply marvelous.


the layering is perfect doll

queen michelle

Joy D they are from AW2008/9. They are a plain version of the ones which had the mirrors on the front.


its really similar to a slip i have from the meadham kirchhoff topshop collection. love the way youve styled it.


Looks much nicer on you than on the TS website. Love the hem.


You look amazing!! And that dress looks like it could be part of a Cinderella ballet! Stunning <3



Thank you for this beautiful description of the subject. Expect more


The Balenciagas are amazing!! Few other labels would have the balls to make such a blunt, square toe.

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