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Wednesday, 20 October 2010



Don´t blame u, have been in a daze over the pretty pretty velvet dress myself for the past week, but at 95 quid it´s more than my avvount can survive...should not be too hard to do a DIY on a plain velvet dress though..:) xxx


* (bank)account * :)


Is it just me or is Topshop just getting a wee bit too expensive these days? - it is a lovely dress though - and it is silk mix velvet....

Penny Dreadful Vintage

I want a pretty velvet dress now too. Thanks Queen Michelle!

*checks price, keels over*

Screw that, I'll buy a pretty vintage velvet dress.


I was just admiring that dress like 10 minutes ago. Dress does not suit any student budget (let alone in euros (!!)) but it sure is pretty!


I've been eyeing this one too -_-'


Me want pretty velvet dress. Me want peter pan collar. Me want rich sugar daddy...

Those jeans reming me of the Balck Mil lace ups, has someone been spying on his blog, perhaps?! They would be warmer for winter, though.


I love that dress too, but at £95??? I will be DIYing a collar and bunging it on an LBD for the time being...


Ha, I went through that same process with said pretty velvet dress. The mistake I made was saying it to my anti-Topshop boyfriend who was less than encouraging! It is pretty, but really just a rip off of the Alexa Chung for Madewell version, and not as nice either.

Milly Cupcake

Hi queen michelle,
Oh Em Gee
I love that pretty velvet dress
It's enchanting!

Also, I featured you on my blog today,
In my 11 blogs not to miss post,
hope you don't mind



I just blogged about the very same dress, it's SO gorgeous!

queen michelle

I have a discount card that would make this dress much more affordable, although I distinctly lack any pretty shoes to go with it. But the blue is so gorgeous! I feel a girly moment coming upon me...

The Fashion Buzz

Almost bought this the other day but the price put me off... love the Peter Pan collars at the moment they look so cute!


So gorgeously stuffy governess, but that price is quite a pocket burner. Especially with high street fashion you never know what quality you're going to get. And not a fan of the elastic waist, a Victorian lady should not have an elastic waist.


pretty.... my name is temptation and i say get it!!!;)



Those laceups are so you.

queen michelle

Oh Sarah you are an enabler! I like you!
I feel my wardrobe is lacking since I've got bags of clothes to go the charity shop leaving me with few pretty dresses left. I'd rather have a few dresses I wear all the time than lots of dresses I wear rarely.

Stella Mayfair

i am really glad right now that anything velvet looks ridiculous on me, with all these enablers out there :-)

you, on the other hand, would look fabulous in that dress. and the jeans, too.


I like it but for the elastic smocking. I like elastic smocking, on more affordable garments. This dress should have a proper waist and I would love it.

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