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Monday, 25 October 2010


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Penny Dreadful Vintage

Oh how interesting, I like seeing the source of inspiration (especially as that is the copy of The Bell Jar we have at home, but in paperback).

I really love all the Jaggy Nettle stuff you've shown, I think this might be one of my new favourite things and I'm so pleased they are Scottish. In fact, signed up to their newsletter, in lieu of an actual working website (most disgruntled though when the pop-up box said 'congratulations, your in the loop'. Come on, it is YOU'RE!!!!)


Just ask James if he can take them in for you.


the zip yard on great western road (near Watermelon and the Belle pub) might be able to take them in? lovely shoes as well X


Star Stitch on Miller Street, Michelle. They've done a grand job on everything I've ever taken to them, including slimming in jeans and a leather jacket.

Queen Michelle

I'll try them Rhona. They sort of are ok on the waist, well I can get them on and off with unzipping them but I'm fine with that, but the legs are meant to be pretty tight and these are just too loose.


Glorious. I'd love to live inside that jumper all winter long.


the leather pants look great that they're not skin tight... i didn't think for a second that they needed to be tighter. but that's just me.
the whole outfit is just perfect. really nice.


Damn near perfect. I think the leggings look great as they are.


im in love with a girl but she is in love with cashmere.
where can i get this??!!? i must have it!

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