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Tuesday, 05 October 2010



I love the label too and wish they were stcoked in Ireland. However I wonder about the slightly cadaverous looking model lying down with the crystals on top of her? I'm not saying underwear models should all be of Heidi Klum proportions but that girl looks unhealthy. :(


`strange !!


these are fantastic photos and clothes. nice.

Dave C.

Love it. Nice to see an older model in there too.


Cant really concentrate on the underwear as the models are so thin its completely distracting...a very strange choice, you'd think that an underwear company would be all about sensuality and sexuality yet these young ladies just look starved and uncomfortable..not very attractive. what a shame!


Yeah, same here on the thinness. I want to support all shapes and sizes, but knowing the problems in the modeling industry, I can't help recoiling at what certainly looks like emaciation. Too bad--it's a fun shoot otherwise.

jayne hiddleston

i agree - i do very much understand designers preferences to use very lean models but that girl lying down is severly underweight. It is actually distracting from the products they are trying to promote and therefore they are doing themselves no favours whats so ever. its actually put me off purchasing their collection as I don't agree with their asthetic concept. However, styling and shoot overall is done very well, shame about the models.


"Our emotional states have a lot to do with our physical well being" underneath a pic of a seriously underfed and sick looking model... are they trying to sell us knickers with irony?


i was thinking the same as Caroline... is the emaciated look supposed to be ironic? Totally distracting...


The girl lying down with pebbles makes me feel a bit sick, I know some people are very thin naturally but she looks anorexic. I don't understand how people can put that in an advert and think its ok


I'm glad Im not the only one who thought the pic of the girl with the stones on her body was horrifying. That is so wrong, how can they hire girls who are that small? my boyfriend felt sick looking at her skeletal body, seriously, this needs to stop being the norm in fashion. its horrific and disturbing, wannabe models are going to look at that girl and think that that's the look that gets the jobs.
Its wrong.


Love the theme of the shoot, some of the models are a bit too thin for my taste though. I like the soft fabrics they used for their silhouettes, they look sexy and comfortable...


Definitely agree about the models - I feel like it taints what could be a really incredible series of images.

I love the brand and their aesthetic, its truly unique. But there is really something not quite right about these. I want to like them, but Im just not sure!


maayan (the lake & stars)

Hi everyone!
We really do appreciate your comments and sensitivity regarding the collection and the effort we put into the campaign. It's always our concern to accept women of all shapes and sizes, which is why in seasons past we have photographed women of all ages, shapes, etc. We always work with our friends and the women whose personalities and talents inspire us.
This season we worked with friends who are singers, artists, nurses...... a lot of territory covered!
The woman in question is a close friend of ours who was the star of our Spring 2010 campaign. We realize that she has lost some weight since then and we appreciate your comments. We do not wish to alienate customers, and really do take into account how it makes you women out there feel.
We just want everyone to know that the model is our friend, we love her, and we eat with her regularly!
Thanks for your comments, we will take it to heart.

Leith Campbell

Dear Maayan,
With all due respect, no one commented on the fact that she didn't seen to be a good friend in the photos.
Cheesy photographs with you dipping toe, dangerously, into abusive looking situations (ie: 2 males forcibly taking female; I'll bet your intention was not to give the impression that they are spiriting her away to the nearest Emergency Room!).
Not titillating I'm afraid, just extremely dodgy and way too "budget".


I appreciate Maayan's comments, but they have little bearing on the photo in question. I don't even remember the lingerie in the photos that followed it; by that point all I could look for was sharp collarbones and jutting hips. I don't find it hard to believe that the model is a beautiful and artistic friend. It's a little harder to dismiss the possibility of her having an eating disorder so quickly. But most importantly, the image is disturbing in its implications.

This is a touchy subject, and I doubt that an unhealthy message was intended. But in retrospect, it was a poor choice, and the wisest course of action would be removing the picture from the campaign. If ideology doesn't present a strong enough case, customer response should.

I don't mean to come across as critical as I sound. I love the concept of the shoot and the diversity of the models. I totally want those orange garters in the last photo.


These models don't, and never will, be able to sell me a thing.
There is absolutely no good to come out of the over-use of extremely thin people as models.
The flip side of that, is that some people are naturally overweight, but you don't see many of those people used do you?
What is wrong with this world when half the population are starving, not knowing where their next meal is coming from, and the other half are promoting the physical results of poverty and not enough food to those with too much?
It's all very tiring.


Shocking that people can look at photos like the third one down and NOT be overwhelmed by the fact that the models look like they are starving to death. The irony of the "spiritual wellbeing" caption is so totally blatant, I fail to see how someone at Maayan didn't spot it. Disappointing in every sense.


I had a dream that i went to a health spa just like this,waking up to find out it wasn't true was such a disappointment !


I don't usually comment, but also feel the need to express that I was completely shocked by how emaciated and unhealthy the model who was lying down looked. I work in advertising myself, and there is no way that I would cast a model in a campaign who looks so underweight and, frankly, unwell.

If all of us who have commented on this are wrong and the angle is contributing to how bony the model looks, there must have been better images to use from the shoot. As a small girl myself (size 4/6), I have no problem with the concept of 'healthy thin', but in all honesty, some of the models used (especially the one already pointed out) don't look like they fall in this category. And as a few others have pointed out...I have no idea what the collection looks like, all I can recall from the images is their beautiful compositon, but shocking subject matter. Sadly, if the images were meant to sell the collection, it seems they are having exactly the opposite effect.

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