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Monday, 13 September 2010



wow! those actually all look really wearable...i'm surprised i hadn't heard of them before. i think those slouchy pants are a must for this fall....i need comfy AND stylish! :)


oooooh, I just can't resist a leather pouch on a strap! Or a girl hugging a stuffed bird.


i always enjoy humanoid's presentation.


it's all so lovely. we have it at my work and it pains me not to be able to afford it all...the chunky snood is just amazing.....droooooool.x


thank you, again - Queen Michelle :) My thoughts exactly! Strangely enough, I hardly feel like wearing flouncy white dresses in september, either...

Rizvana Braxton

Hi QM, I used to follow your blog back in the day. I completely agree wiht what you say about the pace of fashion. Anyway, check me out, and keep blogging with Integrity!
MODE ET UTOPIE is back!! Please follow the redesigned:

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