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Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Penny Dreadful Vintage

This is a new look! The draping makes it; would love to see some strapping over the top or with your camo jacket (just doesn't seem Queen Michelley otherwise, hehe)

Stella Mayfair

wood nymphs love the metal, too :-)

Queen Michelle

Penny, you know me too well - some camou or a parka will indeed be thrown over the top. Ho hum, how predictable I am!


Amazing amazing dress lovely! x


Damnation, i want to see the front bit that is covered by your hair. Try as i might, staring is not working


Queen Michelle

The front and back are just plain lace - no details or anything. But yes, the hair gets everywhere!

I  V E S T I T I !

Love the flowers!


love it because its a contrast to what we are normally shown, best of both worlds


I love the colour, and the way you've draped the dress.


simply love that FEMALE <3


very cute dress, although AA will probably be calling bankruptcy soon!


you look gorgeous!

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Well this pixie queen loves metal and doing girly sometimes as well... although I usually go and screw it up with big old stomping shoes. You look otherworldly and so delicate in these pics, I adore the look on you!


Haha, demure my buns! I work at AA and I know that dress is completely see-through. But it looks amazing the way you altered it.


Hey, who's to say wood nymphs can't love Slayer? :D


Too bad AA is going out of business....

Queen Michelle

I had no idea they were going out of business.


This is the kind of Wood Nymph that would make friends with Tilda Swinton's Jadis. Another look of yours I love. I could just browse your outfit posts all day.
PS AA going under? WTF? Where will all the really thin dancers and 14-year-olds buy their shiny leggings? (I resent them because I wear a large).

Make Do Style

You are a fab wood nymph xx


pretty, pretty, pretty! love the new chunky look kingdom.x


Slayer! Ugh. Tattoos. Ugh. Your hair is kind of perfect.


what did you do to the skirt that she looks like that?

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