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Tuesday, 10 August 2010



wow wow wow wow


So cool! I can crochet with old shopping bags. You cut in a spiral to make a long strip and tie ends together. Hippie recycling chick at it's finest!

Joy D.

Gorgeous. I could definitely get lost in the craftsmanship.




Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

I remember those bags back from the 60s-70s! I never had the patience to save the tabs though! At this price, its well worth skipping the DIY!

Helena Calais

I saw a bag exactly like this, along with a bracelet and necklace at a functional art gallery in LA a while back.
The bracelet version was easy enough to make, all you need is bottle tabs and some small silver colored metal rings. Plus it makes an awesome jangley sound when moved (luckily it's not the type of jangely sound that's annoying).


I'm from Brazil and seriously... you can find these bags at any street market for about 5£... these ones are a tad overpriced =S

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