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Saturday, 24 July 2010


Make Do Style

Very glamorous and if only I had $230 it would be yours xx


How I love friendship bracelets! I haven't worn one in aaages. These look really nice... If I had so this kind of money to burn, I would definitely pick up one!


I used to make these in high school--that middle one is a very lovely friendship bracelet. I would give it to only my bestest friend.


To die for!!!!!!!!!!!


WOAH those last couple of bracelets are nothing short of amazing. as a 15 year old it is my duty to love friendship bracelets after all :p


ooooh, beautiful!

Cheap Sterling Silver Bracelets

oh, so nice , your friends are wit. Your sharing are perfect.

Walter Knauf

Gives a shiny new meaning to friendship bracelets. If anyone gave me one of those, I would be ecstatic. I would really love something with a black and silver theme, though.

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