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Thursday, 24 June 2010



Wow! Love those tights. I need something like that in my life. The dress is gorgeous too.


I love with all her clothes and style models style is so cool!
thank you ...


Oh so gorgeous with the tights and hat! The camo jacket hits just the right note of "Awesome! And I don't give a rats what anyone thinks!"

Stella Mayfair

will you keep the carin westers?

ah, and a huge thanks again for turning me on to the owlita earrings. i got a natural colored pair (the prairie pheasant brown multi), and the feathers mingle beautifully with my hair. i have worn them a lot, reaping tons of compliments along the way :-)

Queen Michelle

Stella, I think I'll end up selling the Carin Westers to be honest.
So glad you got Owlita earrings - they are just gorgeous aren't they?

Garretts Arts

I really love the arts, your blog becomes one of motivation & spirit to me. thank you ...


I like it!


The print of the dress is really nice, and it's great paired with the maharishi jacket, you look awesome, as always and cute too :D, XOXO


I love this outfit, girly stuff and camou together is always a winner x


Really cute dress, especially with the bright pink tights. If it's the shop I'm thnking of (opened Nov, Kilmarnock Rd - don't want to say the name in case that's seen as advertising!)then I almost bought this a few Saturdays ago! Ended up buying a black shift dress with peach ruffles either side of the neckline, unknown label, only £21. x


The dress is amaaaaazing! I'm so jealous!

Queen Michelle

It is Sarah, it's called Blush or something.


Yep, Blush - that's the one. Great to see independent clothes shops opening in Shawlands. Conveniently located near Oddbins on Skirving St too - my all-time favourite shop!




Love your Maharishi jacket, one of my favorite labels, love your bright tights too

Sleekit x


wow. i love it! and totally unexpected on you. all of a sudden i want to see you in lots of colour! like acidy colour. well maybe acidy colour with black. ya.


I like the way you wear colours

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