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Thursday, 20 May 2010



The detail on the wedge is fab and is that rose gold hardware? LUSH!

Already stalking their website :)


They are beautiful! If I were you, I'd wear them around the house at every opportunity until June!

I really wish I could afford your Givenchys too, but alas...


These are really beautiful. this is the second time I see them today but I understand why when I look at them!!

Lulu de Londres

Those are Amazing, I wouldn't even wait for a reason for those prescious, I always find reason unfortunately for my bank, lol


Good LORD those are gorgeous.


How do you find the fit on these? Do they run true to size?


I'm in love with them! They look so comfy :D

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Oh my, they look scrummy! So glad you found something so luscious! Can't wait to see the rest of our outfit, and of course I'm hoping for a WIN!

Queen Michelle

Andrea I find they run exactly true to size.
Suzanne, there won't be a win but we'll have mighty good fun getting dressed up to lose!!!


Amazing amazing amazing shoes.


I sent a fuming email to Wester...because they haven't put the lap tights/leggings for men into production...they look really cool for under shorts...yet because no conservative scummy buyers can comprehend us guys want something different, Wester pulled them. Same happened at Robert Geller, sick of it.


Oh man these are awesome! I agree with the others in saying I cant wait to see the whole outfit!


Those look nice and squishy!


Thanks Queen Michelle! I ordered them on her web site!


Wow, what amazingly twisted creations, are they even vaguely comfortable? Considering some high wedges myself...

Kb from I Want You To Know


I love these shoes - the only flaw in my pair is that the strap going over toes is bit too long, so my foot just keeps going through it. Have to wear a gel cushion under the ball of my feet to keep it bit more filled and open the knot always a bit to shorten the strap (this naturally doesn't last, but I'm doing it over and over again).

Carin could well design more shoes!

And oh, waiting to see your whole outfit!


Oh! I really love this wedge shoes so much! very lovely.



They sort of remind me of Burberry Prorsum satin knot shoes ;) but a more hardcore version which I love. I can't wait to see your dress (wowza, designed and made huh!)


The shoes are gorgeous, definitely a great excuse to treat yourself - totally deserved! Can't wait to see what you wear - DI$COUNT should dress you next year!! (cause you'll be nominated again no doubt) xo

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