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Sunday, 23 May 2010



this has put a smile on my face after a day where I've felt pretty darned crappy.....I had a load of abuse from a tanaholic woman in my local shop because *shockhorror* I'm very pale skinned and chose to wear shorts thanks Queen Marie for showing me that there is something I can do to make it feel better........a big Fu*k it from me! :)

Make Do Style

First of all I'm glad I'm not the only person who gets anxious when hovering particularly in Boots. I'm so glad you went to Waterstones and Fuck it sounds like the perfect philosophy!

Grand Empress Gillian

She's right, I'm at war with the technology gremlins right now, and they're winning, but do I care? Hell no, I just say "Fuck it",take a deep breath and move on.Try it for yourselves, it's a joy.

Tasha B

ha ha ha i love the word FUCK
with a powerful F - longing onto the UCK part!
F-UCK...FUCK! so good


Amen sista


ahahaha! that is WONDERFUL!! i think i need to buy that for myself (and my stressed-out uber-achiever friends) so we can remember what's important in life.

...fuck it! :)


Love this! I want this book.


OMG that book sounds soo jokes :D

Queen Michelle

I need this philosophy! I'm starting right now infact. Fuck It.


Fuck it.

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

I'm a firm believer in saying Fuck it. Or just FUCK! It feels good and I will never have an ulcer! Go for it my dear delicate Queen!
Who wore her Wendy Brandes Fuck rings today as I was afraid of confrontation from a FUCKING piece of shit (they'd also make a decent knuckle duster if pressed!) Thankfully the waste of space had the sense to stay away! So fuck her. Ah I feel better now!


Love it! This has been my New Years resolution, but I see it has been taken to a new level. I'm going to Amazon now!


i also found this book and was laughing so much in the shop i had to buy it. it's a real gem.


I love this Q Marie!!!
I stubbed my toe, but after the initial squeal I did, I let out a big Fuck it! And I felt so tough!!!

Sister Wolf

You don't need to ask me more than once. Fuck everything!


such a great life lesson - it's just not worth it to fuss and worry so much. One of my friends always says, "Will you still be in the same place in 5 years if this [something] goes wrong? If the answer is yes, then fuck it."


As an Irish woman I support this philosophy wholeheartedly!

The Raisin Girl

I'm all for letting go and just going with the flow, not worrying and stuff...doing what you want to do...listening to yourself more than you listen to other people...

...but I'm totally against anything that encourages people to try less hard and be satisfied with being mediocre. I also have a huge problem with this weird relativistic "what is really REAL anyway?" thing. Sure, it lets people let themselves off the hook for their own lives, but it also denies individuals the ability to trust in their senses, which are the only means through which we can draw in information that helps us understand the world around us. And really, I don't think letting people off the hook for their own lives is such a good thing in the first place.

I'll have to read more of this book. Despite what I'm sure sounds like a mostly negative reaction to it, you've piqued my interest and I want to know more.

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