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Wednesday, 26 May 2010



I'm loving all the various prints, they look fab. My favourite would have to be the dress on the second row. :D


Im from Nigeria and I immediately recognised the infamous prints she has used for her garments. The inspiration is spot in as my mum and auntys get dressed up in traditional (a'dire) and mammoth head scarves to go to church, parties or even the shops! I joke, I joke.

But what a grand sight to see a flutter of Nigerian ladies in the corner shop head dresses a plenty! =D


Oh print on print inspiration. I actually really love designers that get featured on blogs with regularity. It's weird, but I feel like they become part of the blog-reading experience. Certain bloggers and designers just seem to have an affinity for each other.


I looooooove her necklaces.

Beautiful patterns. Looking forward to watching the clothes when they get in her shop.


i love, love, LOVE this collection! i have a lovely pair of leggings (with the bow print on them!) from norwegian wood, and i love them to death, but this collection beats anything i've seen recently, in terms of being perfectly wearable, yet excessively cool.

thankyou for posting! :)


Is it wrong for me to want everything in the lookbook?! Can't wait for her to launch this collection in ehr shop! (:

Jazzi M

I definitely recognized the inspiration and truly love the way Angie executed it and still incorporated some current trends. And the lookbook model's hair is amazing, but that's a whole other lust.

alexandra keller

LOVE! i have one of her accessories but i need something of this collection!!!

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