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Friday, 07 May 2010


Cecile M

I've only got one thing to say : Waow

I just need to find which pair would better compliment reddish hair now...

And I like the way you attached your hair !

Cynthia R. Hallum

Wow, I just love these and they look so pretty with your dark hair. I think all of the colored ones would look good in your hair too.


ahh... theyre amazing :D im actually drooling

a stylized hysteria

Those are so gorgeous! I think I must have a pair of the seafoam green!

The Raisin Girl

Ahh! I want some of these! Since I started growing my hair out, it seems that earrings are pointless because they end up hidden. But these beauties could really compete with all the hair!


Amazing! And they aren't even heavy?

Queen Michelle

Raisin Girl, you HAVE to get a pair! As you can imagine everything gets lost in amongst my hair, but these just nestle within it perfectly
Nyrha, all earrings hurt my ears like hell, even teeny little ones because my ears are so sensitive, but these are the lightest earrings I have ever worn. The feathers weigh so little it's really just the gold metal that makes up any weight.


I would have died over those in high school, my peak feather-earring-wearing years.

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Oo so pretty! I love how the mingle in with your hair -- makes it look like you've got extensions!


These are fab! I adore feather earrings, especially big ones like this. I think they look great when you only wear one as well, making it asymmetrical. Love them!


These are really nice, I reckon they'd be cool if you stuck them to hairgrips or bands too-I used to do that with my earrings back in the day :)


holy crap those babies are fantastic! want need want need want


oh my golly goodness, these are amazing! I thought I wasn't going to like them at the first photo, but they are incredible.


Love the fullness of them! Absolutely gorgeous, and gorgeous colour combos!

maggie battles

wow i was starting to get bored with feather earrings (esp at indie trunk shows!!! ugh!!!) but i really love these. i like the hyphy prairie pheasant & the lemon & lavender ones. they're unexpected


Oh! Wow!


very rocker chic

Stella Mayfair

holy f*kk!
i always hated the concept of feather earrings because those on the market were so retro 80s pathetic (cheapo h&m, anyone?). well... these are something else. LOVE that!


Those are incredible! I thought I owned some ridiculously big earrings, but those feathery delights are the biggest I've ever seen! Love them!


Just amazing!!!!


AMAZING! They look so good! I really want some!


stunning... these look perfect with your hair, and they're just amazing. now i must get them!


Those are BEAUTIFUL.


I don't normally fall for earrings but these ones make me wish I had piered ears!


love them! thanks for sharing!



those are the ridiculous in the best way


Talk about statement jewelry, those are massive. Some things are just better big.


You know in the first couple of images, I didn't realise quite how big they would be! They are absolutely brilliant. I love how the red mixes in with your hair. To be honest, I think these would only look good on long haired people. My short hair would only look silly, I think.
Clare x

den parser

Another style of ear rings I saw here.


wow! amazing earings! but actually I think I would be sort of scared to put them on, in fear of them getting caught in anything... (:

x Corrine x

I LOVE these earrings!

Lady Winona of Likey

OH MY GOD these earrings are amazing!! Dare I say more amazing than I? Yes, I dare. I will gladly accept second place. :)




I think that these are amazing! I love how they look like extensions- but prettier.


whoa! This are the awesomest earrings in the history of life. No lie.


woah! i didnt realize they were that long before i saw them on you. wow i love them!

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