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Monday, 19 April 2010



As someone that works in a poky office, these are like eye candy to me...!

Sparkles x


It baffles me the amount of "creative" spaces that are so bare, cold and minimalist! that first picture gives me shivers, I certainly couldn't get inspired in there! quite like the 3rd one, with the nice orange rug. It all looks a bit too "mac", which (don't get me wrong - i love macs!) just doesn't do it for me. give me a pokey room full of STUFF any day! :o)


I work in a 'white' environment: white desks, white floor, white walls. It feels like a hospital. That's why we try to cram it full with moodboards, overview boards, racks of samples, print outs everywhere, so we at least have a bit of colour and mess.
I hate the office, and although we have space. it's very unpersonal. Creative space my ass!


Rogue looks cool...although I'm perhaps impaired by me childhood affiliation to the cartoon Rogue from X-men...oops.


Which reminds me...I totally have to go as Cyclops for the next fancy dress...


I love being nosey, the first one is my favourite.

My friend used to work at Mother in London they have massive concrete desks that used to be a skate ramp, plus the coca cola monster piano thing from the advert in the corner next to a library, it's an awesome office! They have a gallery downstairs too, I want to live there actually...



I WISH our studio actually looked something like this....guess we don't have the crazy assed boss so that makes up for the calamityville.

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

How interesting, I just found out about a US magazine called "Where Women Create" about creative work spaces. So yeah, I'm nosey too! I have no work space anymore and it kind of makes me sad... eventually I'll have something set up but it will take some time.

teacups & couture

That first space is cool


There is a photographer called Paul Barbera who has a website called Where They Create... Its the same sort of idea... but he documents less of the pristine workplaces and more of the gritty, cluttered creative spaces with STUFF everywhere! -- I find these ones wayyy more inspiring! Check it out, its pretty amazing!


may I add I DO have the crazy assed boss. Today is one of his 'BAD'/'weird' days again.. oh the joy

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