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Saturday, 03 April 2010



fun idea and very innovative.. but they just look not flattering..

Sir Alexander John

I just look at them and think "tetanus shot".


Hmmm. I don't like the heel. It looks like there was something cool there, and it rusted and broke off. But I like the rest of it.


my feet hurt just looking at those!


Love the top shoes...Stunning!


Wow! How would you walk in those crazy heels! Amazing.


I actually really love them! Is that strange? I would definitely wear these, as they look so normal from the front, and then are quite the surprise from the side!
Clare x

Ms. Smart

i wonder how those would feel to stand in? hey, without getting religious because i'm not, somehow reflective of easter, nails and all... crucifix shoes

happy easter queens


What is more ridiculous the shoes with nail heels or the prices?

Sister Wolf

I have the words "As if."


I think you, er, nailed the brainstorming session.


3 words- trying. too . hard.


I don't like

Reena x

Oh. My. God! I love them, I've read a few people who don't but I think fashion is about pushing boundaries which is why I love these



Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts

You know I saw a pair of these in the Acne store in Melbourne, they're stunning. They're so painful looking, kind of fetishist, but so right. I'd never be brave enough to teeter on them, though!

I have the words.....they are f@%^K*&g gorgeous!


Nope. I would worry to much about one of the rusty nails going through my foot. Tetanus shot indeed.

teacups &couture

those are killer!


vulgar springs to mind!


Actually they come only with 2 heels. Why they present them with 3 but sell only with 2, remains a mystery to well as why these shoes remind me of giraffes.


YUCK...these are terrible.

O. Jones

I love love love the first shoe, as a matter of fact I OWN IT! I guess you just have to be a daring Diva to feel comfortable enough to get away with such an interesting shoe! Trust me, when I put them on THEY are definitely THE topic of discussion from both my male and female counter-parts! LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoe! I enjoy making statements!

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